About Us

About Us

We are able to synergize our capabilities to provide our clients a value added proposition that gives them a unique one window marketing channel. We try to do what is in best interest of the client. As a result, our clients get quality that exceed their expectations and we keep building relationships. The main guide beliefs of our quality of services are in time deliver, quality assurance and justice in profit and moral practices, these core values are essential to our steady growth as a company and the key point for our expanding customer base.

Flip Sol media, is a marketing solutions service domain with the diverse portfolio and a well-designed advertising cluster. We’re ambitious to make profound impact by results and executing inventive solutions to our clients’ exceptional marketing opportunities.

Flip Sol Technologies, is a client focused software house and it is delivering high quality value added software solutions within a short time frame. Flip sol has long list of successfully delivered software and web development solutions for several clients in diversify business domains. Flip Sol Technologies aligns itself with up to date and superior concepts in software development industry to help its customers by providing extraordinary software development services. We perform thorough research on each given problem and advertise to our customers on how their business growth can be achieved by the implementation of a specific and research-based software solution.


Our Goals

Being new advantages to the client by developing high quality software product & marketing services. Our Goals:

  • Development of our software applications, web applications & marketing services that comprehensively meets each demand of the client.
  • Consistent quality improvement.
  • Long-term and productive collaboration.
  • Efficient communication between clients.
  • Transparency of decisions and actions, Clearness of requirements, fulfillment of expectations from both sides.
  • Encouraging each team member to reveal his/her talent and potential.
  • Comfortable and friendly working climate within our team & clients

Our Team

We are operating with team of highly creative, talented and dedicated people, and many hails from top advertisement agencies where they managed and developed marketing efforts for some of the world’s major brands. Now they are performing for our clients with innovative marketing solutions, intricate strategies, and other specialized media services.


A Message From Our Team

We think that teamwork is essential to any filed or industry as well. We have learned it through various roles in the competitive sports arena and with the region’s largest industries. One fact never changes that accomplishment of the team always surpass those who have an individual achievement. This concept has been fundamental for building a foundation to success here in flip Sol Media & technologies.

We have a team approach form the very beginning. Starting Flip Sol wasn’t just one person’s idea rather. A group of experienced professionals collectively wanted to build a place, Where the can show their skills in the fields of software and web applications development and marketing services as well. As seen with the many of our competitions, solely measuring performance by numbers, rather than measuring the true value of the team’s, contribution, takes a toll on their business relations with customers and employees alike.

Our team assures that we will give our hundred percent efforts to deliver best products & service to our clients with continuous improvement.