Education Management System

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Education Management System

Education management system is a solutionto Manage a School or any Education System. Some Specific Features and Modules of EMS are listed bellow

Education Management System in Lahore

Salient Features


  1. Education Management System is developed in MicrosoftDot Net Technology.
  2. Database is developed inMicrosoft SQL Server 2012.
  3. EMS is a Browser-based application means Installation at one computer and any computer in Campus can use it.
  4. EMS Can be used onMobile and Tablets as well.
  5. User roles and access rights policies enabled.
  6. Data Supervised (Lock) and Unsupervised (Unlock) Policy Implemented for Security.
  7. User Activity log report available.



  • Student Inquiry Management System (auto Welcome SMS)
  • Student Card Generation with Barcode.


  • Students Attendance System with Barcode. (auto SMS Alert to parents)
  • SMS for Absent student. (auto sms of Whole Campus at one click only)
  • Fee Challan Generation
  • Fee Calculation ( Fee + Arrears + Fine )


    1. System can receive Student Fee and print the receipt as well and the SMS of Fee Receipt will be sent to the Parent of student automatically
    2. System can manage the Partial Payment Receiving
    3. System can manage the Advance Payment Receiving
    4. System can send the SMS to Unpaid or Defaulters at one click and that can be
    5. Section Wise
    6. Class Wise
    7. Whole Campus
    8. System can generate the Student Mark Sheets to put the marks and user have no need to work manually
    9. System will generate Result Mark Sheet
    10. System will generate Result Summary Sheet
    11. System will generate Result Cards
    12. System can send the Term Result SMS in detail with Subject Names and Obtained Marks
    13. System can also send the MonthlyTest Result SMS
    14. System can send PTM message or any General Message to whole campus at one click
    15. System can promote Students to next Class and Academic Session
    16. System can calculate and implement Fee Increment for whole campus in one click as:
    17. Fee Increment with Percentage
      1. System can also segregate and print Fee-Challans for
      2. Defaulter Students
      3. Advance Paid Students
      4. Normal Fee Challans
      5. System can provide different reports for monthly Fee-Challans as
      6. Fee Challan Report
      7. Fee Summery Report
      8. Class Wise Fee Summary Report
      9. Head Wise Fee Report
      10. Defaulter Student Report
        • Student Admission Inquiry Report ( Daily/Weekly/Monthly )
        • Student Admission Report ( Daily/Weekly/Monthly )
        • Student Profile Report.
        • Class wise Student List Report.
        • Daily Attendance Reports
        • Fee Voucher Report. (Section/Class/Campus)
        • Fee Voucher Head Wise Report. (Section/Class/Campus)
        • Defaulter Report. ( Section/Class/Campus )
        • Unpaid Student Report ( Section/Class/Campus )
        • Fee Receipt Report(Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
          • Fee receipt (with auto SMS )
          • Student Exams Result Management (with Result SMS)
          • Student Test Exams Result Management (with Test Result SMS)
          • Student Class Promotion System
          • Employee Profile
          • Employee Attendance
          • Employee Salary Sheet
          • Employee Loan and AdvancesFee Receipt by UserUnpaid Student ReportFee Increment with Fix AmountUnpaid/Defaulter’s SMS of Whole Campus at one click only 
      11. Result Reports
        • Marks Sheet Entry Report
        • Result Sheet Report
        • Result Summary Report.
        • Result Card (with auto Grading Percentage,Positions and remarks)
        • Result Receipt report and parent’s remarks Report ( for PTM )
        • Employee’s Attendance Report.
        • Employee’s Salary Report.
        • Employee’s Salary Slip

        And much more…



        Brief Introduction of Software System

        1. System can manage Admission Inquiries and can check inquiries with
        2. From-Date and To-Date
        3. Area Wise
        4. Class Wise
        5. Advertisement Medium Wise
        6. System can manage Student Admission Profiles and can check admissions with
        7. From-Date and To-Date
        8. Area Wise
        9. Class Wise
        10. System can print the Student-Cards at once for
        11. Single Student
        12. Complete Section (All Students in a Section)
        13. Complete Class (All Section of a Specific Class)
        14. Complete Campus (All Classes / All Sections)


        1. System can manage Student Attendance in two ways
        2. Auto Attendance

        Student will scan the student card at gate of school and system will mark the attendance and student arrival message with student name and time will be sent to the Parents automatically.

        1. Manual Attendance

        System can generate the attendance register for manual attendance means we have no need to purchase attendance register and put the names of student.

        1. Attendance In-charge will put all Registration Codes of absent students at once
        2. SMS for Absent Students of whole Campus, Class or Section wise will be sent to parents
        3. System can Generate Student-Fee Challans at one click for
        4. Single Student
        5. Complete Section (All Students in a Section of a specific Class)
        6. Complete Class (All Students of All Sections of a Specific Class)


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    • The School of Lahore
    • Allama Iqbal Public School
    • Pakistan Model School
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    • KPSI Cadet School
    • Acropetal School
    • Golden School
    • JWGS
    • Lique Academy
    • Ghori Wisdom High School
    • PCIS School
    • Khalqia Foundation
    • Iqra School
    • Iqra Riaz-ul-Atfal
    • United School
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