Smart Security System

Smart Security System are committed to innovation and smart product tech R&D, such as Smart Home Safety Products and provide innovative smart voice interaction solutions and products for smart home.

Smart Security System homes are a science and technology innovation enterprise engaged in internet smart hardware independent research and development. We are going to start this project in Pakistan and our company focuses on development of our homes to make them smart. We are going to introduce wireless connected smart devices that controls the whole house with your smart phones. We aim to develop new smart interaction experience, and deliver simple lifestyle through voice

Control Room

  1. There will be a central control room to response any SOS call.
  2. There will be a server and a smart city software installed on it.
  3. The information of all houses will be entered in this software.
  4. In case of emergency (SOS call) there will be a siren in control room and message with address will appear on the screen.
  5. The operator will click on the alert message and there will be a map on screen of SOS call location.
  6. All SOS calls will be stored in software with date and time.
  7. Operator can take report of SOS calls date wise as well as location wise


Client Side Security System Include


Description Unit
 Main Controller  1
 Motion Detector Sensor  1
 Door Sensor  1
 RF- id Sensor  2
 Remote Control  2
 Indoor Siren (Wired)  1


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